Keeping positive moments...

.. and starting "stories for life"

Aug 26
Cosima Laube

Lately I had a couple of days in a row where several people gave me really nice feedback on various domains of my work & life. I felt I had to "serialize" them somehow so that I can load them into my RAM [1] again once I will face tough times.

Thought it.

Done it.

Now I have several small cards (like kudo cards or appreciation cards) each with the feedback or the positive situation handwritten on it. I also added the person and the date/situation where it happened so I can "upload" it better into my working memory once I feel the need for it.

After starting that, I thought about the "geek" part in me... or at least the IT-related (or should I say: spoiled) part and came up with a short user story to keep it better in mind, what I do and why I do it [2]:

As a human being
I want to keep positive moments in a tangible way
so they empower me in hard times
by reminding me of friendship, achivements, humanity, ... and the general good parts of the world.

How do you "store" your positive moments?


[1] which stands for Rapid Access Memory for me as a human being ;-)
[2] very likely that I will come up with more stories for my life as they somehow match for me

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