Curiosity, Openness, and Acceptance.

What recent travel taught me about the non-judging awareness aspect of mindfulness.

Jan 07
Curiosity, Openness, and Acceptance. Cosima Laube

In Germany we say "between the years" if we want to refer to the time between Christmas and New Years Eve. In this time I travelled for 5 days to Leipzig in Eastern Germany to attend the 34th Chaos Communication Congress (34c3 in short).

One of the principles at the Congress is that All creatures a

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Writing a wish list to Santa

Even for grown-ups - and even in a business context!

Dec 12
Writing a wish list to Santa Cosima Laube

Recently - while running - I had that spontaneous thought: why not writing a wish list to Santa.

Crazy, right?

I am now in my mid-thirties and the first thing my inner critical voice said was also: you're crazy - wish lists are for children! Secondly I attributed that thought to the runner's hi…

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Dogfooding with powerful questions

An experiment of using powerful questions for self-coaching

Nov 28
Dogfooding with powerful questions Cosima Laube

Over the last months I stumbled across powerful questions for agile teams multiple times. Powerful questions help with emerging change, they are open for the client's mental models and they literally invite to introspection and new perspectives. There is a great overview and a resource list compiled…

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Regular personal retrospectives?

Experimenting with celebrating success and personal goal setting

Nov 11
Regular personal retrospectives? Cosima Laube

It is been around 6 weeks ago. To be honest, I felt emotionally cringed and generally not in a too good shape back then. Close friends told me, that from an outer perspective this was totally understandable... . A lot was happening all at once - the third moval within a year and a sad yearday - just…

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Can we make change a habit?

Change "by heart" - in business and life.

Oct 29
Can we make change a habit? Cosima Laube

Originally I wanted to write a blog post on building habits in general because this is what influenced and touched me the most during the last weeks. And it is something I definitely want to share with you out there. Then I just fired up the blogging system and started to think what to write. Now th…

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