Augenauszeit - Was macht ein "Softwerker" dann?

Sep 25
Cosima Laube

Manche haben sich schon gewundert, warum gerade hier nichts passiert.

Das ist der Grund (oder besser: das Equipment zur Bekämpfung des Grundes)

Heisses Dampfbad für die Augen

Nein, es ist kein Anti-Erkältungsequipment. Es handelt sich um einen Tipp des Augenarztes um das amoklaufendes Auge in den Griff zu bekommen. Bis das wiede…

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Retrospective - 9 various questions for everyone

Getting to know each other (better) & opening up

Sep 18
Retrospective - 9 various questions for everyone Cosima Laube

Recently it was retrospective time again. My team (I also wrote about the "Zombie" retrospective format and the Amazon/Movie Review retrospective activity there) has now been "officially" merged with another development team. The other team consists of 7 developers (two working from remote) and one…

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Mindful communication

Using the language of your counterpart

Sep 11
Cosima Laube

Lately I had different occasions where I got in contact with creating & using a new terminology. These made me think about how mindfulness and communication play together when focusing on language and terminology.

Software rebranding: introduce a new terminology

One was the rebranding of a software…

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Zwischenmenschliches Debugging

Kommunikationsüberwachung mal anders

Sep 01
Zwischenmenschliches Debugging Cosima Laube

(picture credits: Frits Ahlefeldt, license: CC BY-NC-ND)

Die aktuellen Slides zu meinem Talk am Herbstcampus 2016 in Nürnberg sind hier zu finden. In unregelmäßigen Abständen werde ich zu diesem Themenkomplex hier auf dem Blog weitere Impulse und Erfahrungen teilen.

Rückmeldungen & Erfahrungen sin…

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Keeping positive moments...

.. and starting "stories for life"

Aug 26
Cosima Laube

Lately I had a couple of days in a row where several people gave me really nice feedback on various domains of my work & life. I felt I had to "serialize" them somehow so that I can load them into my RAM [1] again once I will face tough times.

Thought it.

Done it.

Now I have several small cards (lik…

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