Depression? (Are you kiddin') Me?!

On finally taking myself seriously

Mar 17
Depression? (Are you kiddin') Me?! Cosima Laube

A bit of history

It has been more than 10 years since I had the first real-life contact with depression. Back then it was not about me - of course not! At that time one of my best friends attempted s*icide for the first time. Theoretically I knew about depression and mental health. In practise I did…

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Feedback? It's a present!

A random, deep going experience on receiving feedback

Feb 19
Feedback? It's a present! Cosima Laube

I received feedback today. Written feedback (written, for good reasons).

Want to guess what happened? .
I found myself instantly looking for "the good" and "the bad" things.
I was literally looking for judgement.
I found myself kind of longing for judgement!
Judgement like I have…

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Can we make change a habit?

Change "by heart" - in business and life.

Oct 29
Can we make change a habit? Cosima Laube

Originally I wanted to write a blog post on building habits in general because this is what influenced and touched me the most during the last weeks. And it is something I definitely want to share with you out there. Then I just fired up the blogging system and started to think what to write. Now th…

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Meeting old men

Two observations that old beliefs slowly got obsolete

Aug 28
Meeting old men Cosima Laube

Today I was running in the woods. I stopped by at my favorite spot which is a small lake. Usually it is calm and quite there - and I am the only person. Today there was an old man with his two dogs. The dogs were enjoying a bath in the lake. No quietness!

I felt a bit puzzled but... I stopped anyw…

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Managers are wiser than average and subordinates are dumber?!

A little story of my life... plus an (uncomfortable) observation

Jul 13
Managers are wiser than average and subordinates are dumber?! Cosima Laube

Recently I had a discussion where I was involved very passionately. It was in a group of people I trust very much. There I opened up and shared a story during discussion. A story of how I perceived managers during my first years being a software developer after university.

A story about managers...

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