Stop starting, start finishing - for real!

Catching up and warming up after the break...

Sep 12
Stop starting, start finishing - for real! Cosima Laube

Yesterday it has been exactly three months since I wrote my last blogpost here on 'Harvest, rest and celebrate... and possibly take some writing pause'. I wanted to be serious with '(stop starting,) start finishing' - I really took the writing pause - and I've been successfull with that! Yeayh!


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Harvest, rest and celebrate...

... and possibly take some writing pause

Jun 11
Harvest, rest and celebrate... Cosima Laube

The last weeks were just crazily filled with learning, travelling, conferences, more people work, studying... and living. The little space inbetween I tried to use for resting - even if that meant breaking my rhythm to blog at least once a month.


As I really want to keep all the experience…

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Depression? (Are you kiddin') Me?!

On finally taking myself seriously

Mar 17
Depression? (Are you kiddin') Me?! Cosima Laube

A bit of history

It has been more than 10 years since I had the first real-life contact with depression. Back then it was not about me - of course not! At that time one of my best friends attempted s*icide for the first time. Theoretically I knew about depression and mental health. In practise I did…

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Feedback? It's a present!

A random, deep going experience on receiving feedback

Feb 19
Feedback? It's a present! Cosima Laube

I received feedback today. Written feedback (written, for good reasons).

Want to guess what happened? .
I found myself instantly looking for "the good" and "the bad" things.
I was literally looking for judgement.
I found myself kind of longing for judgement!
Judgement like I have…

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Scrum Master in Disguise

Impressions from the Product Owner Camp 2017 in Frankfurt

Sep 03
Scrum Master in Disguise Cosima Laube

Last week I spent two awesome days together with two of my colleagues in Frankfurt attending the 2nd Product Owner (PO) Camp. I had to wear this fancy lanyard which labelled me a "Product Owner" (even though I currently work in the role of a Scrum Master for my team and our organisation): Scrum Master in PO disguise

But who c…

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